Aliens and Predators (and Marines) to face off in Feb.

Aliens vs. Predators. It’s a battle as old as time and mankind often seems to get caught up in the middle of it. Luckily for us this means that Aliens vs. Predator, the upcoming revamp of the classic game series, will let us play as any one of those three groups. We’re pretty excited. After all its one of the things that made the 1999 classic one of the best shooters around. We got some time checking out the game at E3, but despite our insistent pestering of the Rebellion developers we got absolutely no clue as to when the game would be coming out.

Thank goodness for the internet. SEGA has updated the official Aliens vs. Predator site to tell us all that the game will be coming in February. It’s a ways away, yes, but it also means yet another game to spend money on in Q1. Listen, game industry. I know we always complain about the Christmas rush, but we really wanted the games spread out more, not just crammed into Q1. A little planning could go a long way here guys.