Blur has retailer-specific pre-order bonuses

Not to be outdone by Gran Turismo PSP or Uncharted 2, Activision will be giving away exclusive bonus items when you pre-order Blur. Depending on which retailer you pre-order from, you’ll get different extras.

Pre-order from Gamestop and you’ll get a “Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit.” The kit will unlock a Ford Bronco, exclusive “Last Man Standing” multiplayer mode, and “Double Fans” for the first ten single-player races, which doubles your earnings in game.

If you pre-order from Gamecrazy, you’ll get “Double Fans” for the first three single-player races.

And if you pre-order from Best Buy, you’ll get a Dodge Hennessey Viper.

So from which store are you planning to pre-order Blur, if at all? Are you going for multiplayer advantages and a community splitting multiplayer mode? Or is a shiny Viper the thing for you?