Hudson’s new game biting Team Ico’s style?

Japanese publisher Hudson has just announced a new platformer in the works called Shadow Tower, and apparently, it looks awfully similar to the type of games that have been developed by Team Ico, according to 1up. Slated for the Wii, players will take on the role of a boy’s shadow as it tries to make its way up a looming tower, which is located in the middle of a vast and uninhabited land. The boy’s shadow won’t be able to physically work its way through real obstacles and platforms since it’s y’know, a shadow, but instead, can use shadows cast by objects in the environment to progress through the game. So if the boy’s shadow pulls on a shadow of lever, the real level will be pulled as well. There will also be a black butterfly that helps our protagonist by adjusting light sources to change the shadows found in the levels. So no doubt the game has a lot of familiar elements that we’ve seen elsewhere. But before we can call Shadow Tower a crappy ripoff and write angry forum posts on game sites, we’ll wait and reserve judgement until Hudson is ready to give us some more concrete details on their project.