Zen Studios teases us with shiny balls, Ryu look alike

Look at that image up above. Know what it is for? Neither do we. It arrived in a mysteriously cryptic email from Zen Studios this afternoon. Apparently the studio is getting ready for an announcement tomorrow on the official PlayStation Blog, but wanted to give us a little teaser to start the speculation of just what the announcement is about. Speculation is GO!!

If we use our Spidey-sense, we notice that the figure beneath the sphere is very similar to Ryu of Street Fighter fame. There has been no rumblings of a Capcom/Zen Studios collaboration, so a true Street Fighter game made by the studio can probably be ruled out, but that doesn’t mean Ryu is the only person in the world who wears a white martial arts ghi and red bandana. Add into the equation the fact that the silver sphere is almost identical to the ball used on pinball tables, and it is emblazoned with the Zen Pinball logo. It is pretty much a no brainer that it is going to be a new Zen Pinball table with a fighting theme.

A quick browse into the Zen Studios community forums leads us more in the direction we are already leaning. It seems as though forum member skippycue was comparing trophies with another player when the new trophies, ‘Thunder Kick,’ “Hammer Hand,’ ‘Warrior,’ and ‘World Warrior Champion,’ appeared. Again, lending to a fighting theme, yet without a ‘hadouken’ trophy it seems very unlikely to be related to the Street Fighter universe.

Our guess is that, as much as we may want to see Ryu on our pinball table, Zen Studios is going to give us a very nicely put together Zen Pinball table theme with fighting elements. Anyone else have any ideas?