Brütal Legend lawsuit settled, Rocktober release intact

Activision and Brütal Legend developer Double Fine have reached a settlement over the release of the game on Wednesday, according to an AP report. Details on the settlement agreement weren’t disclosed, but this ensures that the game will stay on course for its Rocktober 13 release.

Back in June, Activision sued Double Fine Productions for failing to release Brütal Legend on time, claiming they still had rights to the game. Then Double Fine was like, “No way, dude. That’s a load. I’m countersuing.” Double Fine was all like, “You just want to kill our game to protect your Guitar Hero franchise.” But after a couple months, they totally hugged it out and now all is right with the world. Sweet.

So now it looks like Brütal Legend will make its fall release. For a moment there, I was all like, “Dude, there goes another game pushed back to 2010 or maybe even never. Whoa.”