Guitar Hero: Van Halen finally steps out of the shadows

Remember that “Seriously?” feeling you got back at E3 this year when Final Fantasy XIV was revealed straight after a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII? Well you may well get that feeling once again watching the reveal trailer for Activision’s Guitar Hero: Van Halen, which has been unleashed, despite the fact that Guitar Hero 5 is still a month or so off. Throw spin offs DJ Hero and Band Hero into the mix and the Hero series is pretty much its own genre now.

But anyway, purge those games from your mind and focus on this new title for the moment, set to deliver 25 Van Halen songs to your living room with 3 “signature Eddie Van Halen guitar solos”. On top of that there’s another 19 acts to rock out to, with tracks from Queen, Weezer, Foo Fighter, Queens of the Stone Age, Blink 182, and The Offspring.

Other than that, it looks to be just another Guitar Hero band game, there’s no noticeable change to the graphics, and any radical changes to the formula aren’t suggested. Even though Guitar Hero’s got enough on its plate with The Beatles Rock Band this holiday season, the game will still be released this holiday season — on December 22nd.