Holy PhysX, Batman!

Have you ever wished you could be a crime-fighting superhero facing off against your archnemesis while debris such as crumbling walls and desk papers scatter apart realistically from physical struggles with henchmen, creating a cinematic experience that surpasses any other ordinary thug-brawling superhero action? Of course you have!

Eidos, Warner Bros., and NVIDIA announced today that the PC version of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum will support the NVIDIA’s PhysX technology. Litter, fog, and crumbling stone will add a visual boost to substantially enhance the game’s experience. “Supporting NVIDIA PhysX technology has allowed us to add that little bit extra to the PC version of the game,” said Sefton Hill, Game Director at Rocksteady Studios. “As Batman interacts with the world, the aging asylum creates a more immersive, believable world which really draws the player in.” As a general rule, anything to make Arkham feel even darker and crazier will be awesome.

This ‘little bit extra’ requires a PC copy of the game, a PhysX compatible NVIDIA GPU and the patience to wait until September 15 in North America, September 19 in Europe. Foregoing the PhysX, the console release for the Dark Knight’s latest adventure is August 25 and 28 in North America and Europe respectively.