John Riccitiello talks about sequelability of EA titles

During EA’s first quarter sales call, CEO John Riccitiello was asked about the sequel possibilities of multi-million unit selling franchises. Despite posting a loss for the quarter, he seemed optimistic about the sequels soon to hit and mentioned a bit about the possible return of the Medal of Honor franchise, as well as the possibility of milking Dragon Age and Dead Space, among others.

“I continue to believe that our games label having multi-million unit sequel-able franchises is critical for us. And I believe when I mentioned that the first time, I highlighted titles like Need for Speed being one of those, which is why we invested so heavily to bring in back, how Battlefield was rapidly becoming that and did so subsequent to that with our Bad Company release and we’ve got Bad Company 2 coming later this year,” Riccitiello told investors. “We described how Army of Two could be in that list and we have Army of Two coming out this winter, so there’s a number that we already have. In our Q4, we have Mass Effect 2, which is a title we feel strongly in and can do very, very well.”

The CEO closed by saying that a number of other titles have sequel potential, “whether it be Dragon Age or Dead Space or others in our portfolio. And somewhere out there is Medal of Honor, which we are not yet in a position to describe specific plans but we will do so in due course.”