Second Aion video podcast appears

Do we have another video of the week contender here with this second installment of the Aion developer video podcast? Maybe, but what we know for sure is that Aion keeps looking better and better with each passing day. Some of the footage showing off the combat of the specific classes is nothing short of stunning. If the game fails in every other aspect at the very least it will be visually remarkable when it comes to fantasy MMOs.

The diary focuses on the classes this time explaining how in the beginning you’ll pick a base class and then later on choose a branch within that main class. For example, for the warrior class you can pick between a templar (tank) and a gladiator (damage dealer). They also talk about how you can visually customize gear. If you get a piece of gear that has great stats on it but you hate the way it looks, you can transfer the stats from your new piece of gear to the other one you like (assuming you own the piece you like) and even dye it a different color if you so choose. Between that and the amount of options given during the character creation they claim you’ll have a hard time finding someone that looks like you. The hype meter for Aion is rising and September can’t come soon enough.