Anamanaguchi rocks the pixelated socks off Bleep Bloop

On the latest episode of Bleep Bloop, College Humor‘s videogame show, 8-bit punk band Anamanaguchi demonstrate how they use a hacked 1985 NES console and a laptop to create their signature sound, nostalgic yet futuristic powerpop.

In addition to clips from live performances and their first full-length album, Dawn Metropolis, the chiptune wizards provide a glimpse into their song composing process. It’s a delicate balance of artistry and engineering. No electronic presets or canned beats for Anamanaguchi, who demonstrate how they literally build their songs from the cacophony of synthesized sounds locked within the system’s sound card. It gives me not only a greater respect for chiptunes artists, but for all those nameless, faceless programmers who provided the soundtrack to my youth.