Dead Space Extraction video explains how a prequel works

Visceral Games’ on-rails shooter, Dead Space Extraction for the Wii is coming out in September and the developers have released a video explaining how the prequel to the 2008 survival horror game fits into the fiction of the Dead Space universe.

Dead Space Extraction takes place 3 weeks before Dead Space and will run parallel to the events in the Dead Space comic and animated feature. Instead of following just one guy, the game will focus on a group of survivors on board the USG Ishimura. We’ll finally figure out just what happened on the doomed mining ship that leads up to Isaac Clarke’s solitary journey. From the looks of it, Extraction is shaping up to be just as pants-soilingly terrifying as the original.

And just like any good entry to a profitable franchise, Dead Space Extraction will “answer some questions…and open up some new questions for fans of Dead Space.” It won’t be long before we see Dead Space: Van Halen.