Dragon Age facing a delay of a few weeks?

There’s been some whispers today that BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins may face a tiny delay of a few weeks. The source of these fears are GameFly and Newegg, both of whom previously had the game down for the announced October 20th release but pushed that date back by a few weeks some time this week. GameFly’s dates now show November 3 for the Xbox 360 and November 13 for the PS3 version while Newegg lists both with a November 4 date.

After reaching out to BioWare for a comment, Shacknews were told that they’re “still targeting an October 20 release date” but “if the release date changes, we’ll issue a press release.” So sounds like there could be something to this. But, until the said press release or October 20th arrives, below are a bunch of new screens and art to pass the time with, including what to look for on the shelves when the game does hit the stores.