Games on Demand pricing inconsistent across territories?

It would make a lot of sense if Microsoft’s Games on Demand service had a unified pricing system across the globe. A title that would cost 1600 MS Points in the United States would cost 1600 MS Points across the pond in the UK. But this is the real world and more often than not, logic and reason gets abandoned, as a post on NeoGAF has surmised.

Xbox users around the world who signed up for a preview of Microsoft’s NXE update got a chance to see the Games on Demand listings and price structure. For the most part, pricing for the games is consistent. Games are split into two price points — $20 for games like Mass Effect and Viva Pinata, $30 for games like Assassin’s Creed and BioShock. And that pricing is fairly consistent across most territories. Most.

While most of the free world gets games ranging from 1600 to 2400 MS Points, Australia and New Zealand get downright screwed over. For example, Mass Effect is a reasonable 1600 MS Points ($20) for the US, but Australia and New Zealand have to pay a shocking 6000 MS Points ($99).

The listings are based on a preview build of the Games on Demand service, however. Until the update goes live on Aug. 11, we can only hope that the pricing system hasn’t been finalized.