Modern Warfare 2 DLC count now at 2+

There will be two pieces of downloadable content for Modern Warfare 2. This we know. We also know they’ll be timed exclusives for the Xbox 360. And until today, it looked like these two map packs were all that were planned since, well, it was said recently they “plan to launch two separate map packs.” But, true enough, that doesn’t mean there can’t be more plans in the future.

In an email sent to MTV Multiplayer today, Infinity Ward’s community manager Robert Bowling explains that “as far as DLC goes, we love it and plan to support ‘Modern Warfare 2’ heavily with post-launch support. We’ve confirmed we’ll be doing AT LEAST two map packs which were announced at E3 as a timed exclusive for Xbox 360. The fact that we confirmed at least two map packs doesn’t mean there won’t be more.”

Bowling adds that Infinity Ward is planning on shaping future DLC “based on community feedback from the full game” as well as the first two map packs. “Therefore, the community will really determine what comes after that.”