Games For Windows Live 3.0 released

Microsoft released Games For Windows Live 3.0 earlier this week, bringing a few needed updates for both players and developers such as an in-game marketplace and account management tools as well as anti-piracy options.

Prior to the update, players had to close or minimize their games to be redirected to the marketplace through their browser. The new version of GFWL brings the ability to access all marketplace items through the in-game overlay. Upon retrieving the content, players will be able to download the content through the in-game overlay as well. It also allows players to manage credit cards and Microsoft Points.

New anti-piracy measures developers are presented with include server-side authentication, which attaches a game to your account allowing the multiple installations to any PC. Another measure includes zero day protection which supposedly protects games from launching before the publisher’s determined release date.

Though the update doesn’t include the major changes that many wanted, at least Microsoft will have an idea of what players want as some have already posted their suggestions for the next major update. Games For Windows Live-enabled games should automatically prompt users to update, however, if you like dealing with Games For Windows the traditional way, there’s always the download page provided.