Magnetic Mind = LBP 4 XBL!!!1

Stupid acronyms aside, one might assume on first glance of Magnetic Mind, a new XBL Indie game from an indie dev, that it is a complete LittleBigPlanet rip off. A Sackboy sized platformer where players can pick up objects and move them around? The similarities are undeniable, especially that skateboard. However, give it a chance and soon the trailer starts to separate itself a little, with a bird’s eye view allowing for more layers than Media Molecule’s Play Create Share adventure. A greater focus on real world objects makes it feel more Micro Machines too.

You play, quite literally, a little guy who can’t remember the events of the past few days and is, well smaller than everything around him. From there on, its classic platforming with a few twists, plenty of jumping and swinging to be done, along with a magnetic ring that can move heavy objects and different camera angles to shake things up a bit.

The devs are hoping for an official release sometime in 2010, while preparing a few levels for the Dream Build Play competition taking place this very month. This is one Indy Game that’s looking to be of surprisingly high quality. Plus there are calculated liquid physics!