Six Days in Fallujah dev downplaying their problems?

Six Days in Fallujah developer Atomic Games might be doing worse that they’re letting on, if an anonymous source who says the studio is on its last legs can be trusted. Yesterday the studio released a statement saying that, following Konami’s exit from the publishing duties, they’re cutting staff due to not being able to secure full-scale funding for the controversial project, but that development of the game will still go on and will be funded by sister company Destineer. But, according to an anonymous source who got in touch with IndustryGamers, “Out of 75 people, less than a dozen are left and about a third of that isn’t even developers. The remaining team is basically a skeleton cleanup crew that will be gone soon too.¬†They are trying to downplay the extent of these layoffs, but the reality is that Atomic is pretty much dead.”

As things with anonymous sources usually are, a grain of salt should come in handy right about now. But we’ve contacted Atomic for a comment on this and will give an update when we have one.