Best Buy pricing new games at used prices

Following in the footsteps of other retailers like Toys R Us and Amazon, Best Buy is now testing the waters of the used game market (h/t 1up). This unique approach is probably designed to compete with used game retailers like GameStop, who enjoy high profits but low overhead. However, while Toys R Us and Amazon are experimenting in giving credit for used games, Best Buy is taking a different approach.

Best Buy’s marketing slogan for the new campaign reads, “Why buy used when you could buy new?”, which essentially means Best Buy is willing to match new games with used game prices at GameStop and Game Crazy. A little risky? Sure. A little awesome? Mos def.

Now, this trial has only been seen in one Best Buy location (West Jordan, Utah) by a forum writer for CheapAssGamer who posted a picture on the site. Later, in an interview with a Best Buy rep, Joystiq was able to confirm that Best Buy was indeed conducting a local experiment, but would not say whether or not the experiment would eventually be applied nationally. We can’t help but hope to see the program expand for 2 reasons: 1) GameStop gouged me when my 12-year-old self tried to sell a copy of Sega Genesis’ Alladin without the manual and refused to give me more than $1 for it, and Best Buy’s offer will hurt GameStop’s business; and 2) Current-gen games are too expensive to keep up with. Having a cheaper option will allow for more poor workin’ folk like meself to own the newest games.

So, here is my message to the good people of West Jordan, Utah: Please, PLEASE, see the light and help make Best Buy’s new campaign a successful one. My checking account is counting on you.