Video of the Week / August 09

There are a few ways to describe what we here at TVGB thought was without contest the best video released this week — “clever,” “creative,” “hilarious.” I don’t think we’ve ever seen developers putting the characters they’ve created into their own daily lives and interact with them as we see in this Army of Two: The 40th Day promo. To say the least, it’s certainly an interesting thing to witness. Add top notch execution and we’ll just call it “fucking fun!”

Jordan Fehr: “Hands down my favorite video from this past week. Ok Go’s awesome song, paired with the completely out-of-nowhere hilarious premise, perfect costumes and great silent performances made this video just a joy to watch. If only all marketing could enhance my day instead of make me pull my hair out.”

Raphael Cua: “Seeing someone take a handgun out and blast away at a copier is so satisfying. I have absolutely no interest in the game, though. I guess in that sense, the video fails. But I can appreciate the humor.”

Joshua Kopstein: “Definitely the most unexpectedly enjoyable video I’ve seen this week. It’s cheesy in all the right ways, and presents a scenario where I can actually tolerate listening to that damned Ok Go song.”

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