Xbox Live now accepts PayPal for buying points

Hate entering your credit card number all over the place? Loving sites like eBay, or Newegg, where you can just use that PayPal account? The convenience in just paying it off and not even worrying about credit card payments and a slightly heightened sense of security? Well, feel happy, Americans with Xboxes. You can now do exactly that to purchase your beloved points for Xbox Live.

It’s simple, just add your PayPal account as a payment method where you would your credit card number. There’s a couple catches you should know about, though. 1) This stuff is, for now, US only. Sorry, everyone else. 2) You can only redeem points this way via the Xbox website, and not through the console itself. Like all new things introduced by Microsoft, it will probably “get there” in a little while. But eh, it’s a start.