Call of Duty Classic priced at 1200 MS points?

Call of Duty Classic, a port of Infinity Ward’s original Call of Duty game for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PC is coming with the Hardened and Prestige editions of Modern Warfare 2 in voucher form. For everyone that’s going to buy the normal edition of the game, or not buying it at all (so 2 people), there’ll be a bit of a wait before they can pay to download the title.

But just how much will you have to pay you ask? 1200 Microsoft Points, or about £10/$15, reckons UK online retailer Listed under the Hardened Edition of the game (which is priced at £69.99) is “Equivalent DLC value 1200 MS points (£9.99)”. This has yet to be confirmed by Activision, but seems around in line with other ports of this caliber.

Modern Warfare 2 will hit stores on November 12th, anyone who bought a special edition of the game will be able to play Classic on the very same day. The rest of us will have to wait it out.