Dirt 2 to turn it to 11 on the PC

Technology is an amazing thing and it seems like only yesterday that people were drooling over the Vista based DirectX 10. Well that crap is old news and we’ve already moved on to the next big rendering pipeline with DirectX 11. One of the games making use of it is Codemasters’ Dirt 2, and they’re promising the short delay of the PC version — so they could really make use of DX11 — will be worth it in spades.

“[..] that was a decision we took, to delay the PC version, to take advantage of DX11, purely because we weighed it up and said, look, what it allows us to do is make the best-looking racing game that has ever existed,” game design manager Ralph Fulton told Videogamer.

Best-looking racing game ever? If Dirt 2 really lives up that claim then I imagine PC gamers will be quite ok with the delay. Make it happen codies..