Konami tells fans to “be patient” for MGS4 Trophy support

Hey, remember that cut scene-heavy stealth action game that came out over a year ago? You know, the one with the sneaky old dude, giant robots and lots of grunting? Well, ever since the PS3’s Trophy system was announced way back in Summer of 2008, fans have made it clear that they want proof of all their stealthy achievements in Hideo Kojima’s saga-ending espionage masterpiece.

But Konami isn’t ready to start handing out purple hearts just yet. In the latest edition of the Kojima Productions Podcast, Sean Eyestone addresses these concerns and reassures fans that Konami has their interests in mind. “I just want to tell everybody out there right now that your voices are being heard and that we’re not ignoring you,” he says. “As soon as we have something to say, we will announce it. So if we can just ask everyone to just be patient, we will give you an answer.”

Metal Gear has always been a game steeped in a personal achievement. The previous two titles on PS2 even had a ranking system that would judge your performance upon completing the game through special codes entered on Konami’s website. With MGS4‘s one year anniversary already passed, one would hope that Konami is having some kind of progress in making MGS4 Trophies a reality. After all, I’m sure Kojima would agree that the Solid Snakes of the world deserve some kind of recognition for their acts of valor. You know, aside from the hidden BB Corps fanservice bits. Not that there’s anything wrong with those. Tee-hee.