Nintendo downloads for the week of Aug. 10

So I’m a little late with these, but better than last week when I didn’t get them up at all (sorry). Hopefully you’ll still be my friend and read along as I introduce you to the wonderful Nintendo download offerings we have this week. This week is actually pretty rock and rolling as Nintendo kicks off its month of Star Wars goodness. That’s right, all this month Nintendo will be releasing Star Wars games over its download services (I will kill for Shadows of the Empire). The month long event launches with the time honored classic Super Star Wars (Super NES, LucasArts, Players: 1, E – Fantasy Violence, 800 Wii Points) on the VC. It’s good, if I remember correctly, so go get it.

On the WiiWare front we’ve got some equally exciting news as NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits (Over The Top Games, Players: 1-2, E – Mild Fantasy Violence, Price: 1,000 Wii Points) lands on the service. If Nintendo isn’t going to give us a new Kid Icarus this will have to do. The gameplay and control scheme look excellent, and the more sidescrolling in the world the better. WiiWare also has Rock N’ Roll Climber (Nintendo, Players: 1, E, 800 Wii Points) which brings rock n’ roll, rock climbing and unique Wii controls together somehow. I’m not really sure how though.

Finally, DSiWare disappoints us yet again with nothing but Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters (Nintendo, Players: 1, E – Mild Language, 800 Nintendo DSi Points). At least it’s something with a brand name this week.