Spyborgs itching for a fight in new trailer

Techno beats have never been used better than in a video featuring half-robot heroes brawling with bad guys.

Capcom and Bionic Games have released a new trailer for the upcoming Wii title, Spyborgs. At its core, the game will be a classic beat-em-up. But it will have some bonus features to spice things up such as upgradeable characters, motion controls, looking like you’re in the movie Tron, and co-op finishing moves. Players can choose between Stinger, a gruff voice actor with Bart Simpson’s hair; Clandestine, the bellyshirt ninja; or Bouncer, the robot gorilla with a heart of gold or some other metal substance. While it doesn’t seem that there is a lot of espionage in a game called Spyborgs, this beat-em-up should be an exploding barrel of fun.

Get ready to button mash and Wii waggle on September 29.