2K Boston breaks mold, currently developing something called a “shooter”

2K Boston, the studio that brought us BioShock, is hard at work on a new game. By parsing the descriptions for current job opportunities at the developer, it seems clear that this new game will be of the gun shooting variety. But what kind of game will it be? Is 2K Boston going to revisit a previous property, like Xcom: UFO Defense, or the SWAT series? Will they be bringing us something brand new, or “funky fresh,” as the kids say? Whatever this shooter holds, 2K Boston head Ken Levine has stated that the game will be the company’s “next big project” and has a “scope and ambition in mind which is more ambitious than anything we’ve ever done. Even more, substantially more ambitious than BioShock.” Yes, Levine just used the adjective “ambitious” to describe the noun “ambition,” but we don’t care. We’re just hoping that more details on this new 2K game will be released in the near future.