Blizzard and Razer team up for hot peripheral action

Your mouse, mouse pad, keyboard and headset are all things one must take into consideration when gaming on the PC. It could very well determine whether you get called a n00b or get accused of hacking, and Blizzard alongside PC gear company Razer want to make sure you’re prepared when you’re out there in that warehouse or event center with a bunch of other people enjoying the LAN party.

With the not-so-upcoming-until-2010 launch of StarCraft II, Blizzard and Razer are designing a tournament ready mouse, keyboard and headset made to compliment the StarCraft II experience. “Razer’s high-quality gaming products have long been popular among our global community of players, and we’re pleased to now be collaborating with them directly,” said Blizzard’s CEO Paul Sams. “Through this partnership, we’re looking forward to working with Razer to develop a line of peripherals that will complement the fast-paced action of StarCraft II.”

Razer will also develop a StarCraft II messenger bag, backpack, and E-Sport Pro Gamer Case with the bag being showcased at this year’s BlizzCon alongside their other PC gaming material.