Just Cause headed to the big screen

Prince of Persia. Mass Effect. Dead Space. Army of Two. Kane & Lynch. Gears of War. Hitman. BioShock. These are videogame properties that have movie adaptations in the works, and we’re not done yet — Just Cause has just joined the party.

Eidos has handed the rights to adapt the tropical shoot-em-all for the big screen to Adrian Askarieh, Variety reports. Askarieh was also involved in the adaptation of Hitman (and the upcoming Kane & Lynch) which, as he puts it, was a “very successful movie for Fox, and I wanted to find a similar project in terms of its genre, international appeal and ability to do for a price, but do it independently in order to maximize the creative and financial upside that a project like this could generate.” But while a cash cow for the companies involved, Hitman was a truly horrible movie and as far from the plot of the games as it could have possibly been. So we’re not exactly filled with confidence that Just Cause the movie will stay true to the grappling badassery of The Scorpion. But, never say never we always say..