Mystery developer says Natal is a pretty big deal

A mystery UK 360 developer has divulged his feelings on Natal and how it’s not just some gimmick to sell more systems. “Natal forms a huge part of Microsoft’s business plan going forward. The whole concept’s basically in lieu of releasing a new machine,” revealed the unknown developer. He also mentioned that the shift to Natal is an attempt to grab at the market share that the Wii has opened up.

Despite not knowing exactly who this quote came from it is interesting to us that the Natal add-on is going to be a major focus for Microsoft going forward. Does this mean that 360 will slowly shift into becoming a more casual system like the Wii? Not if Epic, Valve or Bungie have anything to say about it. So those of us clinging to our standard controller shouldn’t be worried quite yet, our 360 is safe from motion control dominance for now.