The next TF2 class update is classless

Though Valve’s popular FPS still has three more classes left to update (Soldier, Demoman and Engineer), that doesn’t mean they can’t deviate from the norm and bring in more of what some players have probably been grinding for — more hats. Yes, more hats are coming to Team Fortress 2 according to the Day 1 update of what is now called the classless update.

18 new hats to be exact are coming and though the update provides no further information on how these hats will be obtained, it wouldn’t too ridiculous to assume that players will continue to achieve them through the item pickup system which randomly gives players weapons and hats relative to how much they’ve played.

It doesn’t stop there as the update will also bring about a new arena map called Offblast. Set on a spiraling, hallowed out mountain, players will have to make sure standing near the edge isn’t an option and if heights are too much for you, players can always resort to fighting within the mountain where a missile silo resides. And when it comes down to either being pushed off the mountain or trading rockets and other explosives near a missile, I’d take the latter option.