WarDevil website launched, full reveal coming in October

A week ago we found out that WarDevil, a mysterious game from Digi-Guys was a PS3-exclusive no longer and would be launching at the same time on the 360. That was the most news we’d heard on the project in about a year. Well today we got just a tiny bit more information as the game’s official teaser site launched.

Now you may remember this game being announced over 4 years ago, and since then we’ve gotten a teaser trailer and a few screenshots that have revealed pretty much zilch about the actual gameplay. Come October though, that’s all going to change. As of now, the site only offers a few very small screenshots going round on a slideshow, and a larger shot of the main protagonist. However it also promises a full reveal of the game this October.

Until then, its back to the shadows for this title. It’s been a rocky road, and the devs haven’t always delivered on their promise of more media, so let’s hope that this October really is WarDevil‘s true reveal.