Xbox 360 eats up most of your playtime

A recent study done by the Nielsen Company has shown that a whole lot of gaming is going on. Total game console usage minutes for June 2009 jumped up 21% when compared to the same time last year, with the average console player logging almost 13 hours into their systems during the month. Even more surprising was the console breakdown, which showed that the Xbox 360 finally toppled the PlayStation 2 as the most played console in America.

This is a pretty remarkable feat, considering the huge sales difference between the two. At of the end of 2008, Sony had sold over 50 million PS2s in the US, an astounding figure when compared the the 360’s 11.6 million consoles sold. The Nielsen study stated that the PS3, 360 and Wii currently use up 50% of gamer minutes, as opposed to the 31% utilized by last gen consoles. This shows that gamers are beginning to move away from the previous console generation, finally accepting the newer consoles and giving them most of their playtime. This also shows that there are a lot of PS2s out there not in use, a travesty considering how many awesome games exist for it.

Oh, and don’t say any of this to PS2 cat. He won’t be pleased.