Xbox 360 update available for all

It’s Aug. 11 and that means that we all get free pie! No, wait, that’s not right at all. What was it then? Something happened… oh, yes! The Xbox 360 update that was shown off at E3 is now ready for you to download and enjoy. In fact I’m downloading it right now as I type this and am planning to enjoy it in a few seconds. Exciting times.

In case you missed the excitement when announced, this update brings some pretty cool features to the 360’s dash. The two biggest are the fact that we can now spend money on Avatar clothing thanks to the Avatar Marketplace and updates to the Netflix part of the 360. Games on Demand is also landing with this update. I’m mostly excited for the Netflix because it means we can now add movies via the 360 instead of having to do it over the computer. Let’s test it out now.

Horay, it works! Ooooo, Ronin just arrived.