Activision is giving away Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Activision will be giving away a free advance copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen with every early purchase of Guitar Hero 5. Whether it’s a preemptive move against Rock Band or a testament to the game’s quality, free is still f*ckin’ free.

The official offer page has all the details, but basically it says that if you pre-order Guitar Hero 5, or purchase a specially marked copy during the month of September, you’ll be providing the soundtrack to Diamond Dave’s showboating long before Guitar Hero: Van Halen hits store shelves in late December. The offer has to be redeemed online or via mail, and you’ll have to wait up to six weeks for your complimentary copy to arrive, but it’s still an amazing deal. Even if of Guitar Hero: Van Halen turns out to be bargain bin lining.