Arkham Asylum developers working on Hitman 5?

Batman: Arkham Asylum developers Rocksteady Studios may be working on Hitman 5. The news comes from a unique source — British voice actor and motion capture artist Mark Sloan listed Rocksteady Studios as the company in charge of the Hitman 5 production in his resume. Does this mean that development duties have been handed over to Rocksteady Studios? Not necessarily. Mark Sloan’s resume only suggests that the Arkham Asylum developers are handling the motion capture aspect of production. IO Interactive, the developers for the original four Hitman titles is probably taking on the bulk of the development for the fifth Hitman. If anything, Rocksteady Studios is simply helping out their fellow Eidos-owned brethren with motion capture.

We have yet to hear from Eidos, Rocksteady Studios or IO Interactive on the matter, but we’ll have updates as soon as we get them.