Bandspeed files lawsuit against Nintendo, Sony and Apple

Activision’s lawsuit against Double Fine and its ensuing settlement not enough to whet your appetite for frivolous lawsuits clogging the court systems? We’ll change things up with a little patent infringement. Bandspeed, a wi-fi networking company, is filing a suit against Nintendo, Sony and Apple, claiming the three companies’ devices infringe on a couple of their patents. The patents in question are “Approach for Selecting Communications Channels Based on Performance,” and “Approach for Managing Communications Channels Based on Performance.” They’re basically related to frequency hopping on wireless network channels. Bandspeed believes that the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and iPhone 3G have wireless capabilities that violate these two patents.

How convenient that they target those three specific device juggernauts at the heights of their respective successes for infringing on a patent as broad and vague as “frequency hopping.” Objection!