Brink might definitely possibly have DLC

Since first learning about its existence, we have looked at Brink from several different perspectives. We told about the game’s announcement, gave a heads up on its appearance at QuakeCon, and even had some first-hand experience at this year’s E3. Now, we get to speculate on what may or may not come to pass when the time comes for additional content.

Paul Wedgewood, owner of developer Splash Damage, has said that the company’s past efforts in supporting their titles post-release are in line with publisher Bethesda’s. Meaning that DLC for Brink was almost assuredly something in the pipe. “If you look at the amount of downloadable content there is for Fallout 3, I think it’s fair to assume that it’s something that would happen,” Wedgewood told VG247.

Playing it safe, however, Wedgewood couched his comments by saying that the game was still in pre-alpha and “it’s just too far off in the distance to make any kind of commitments or anything, but absolutely: it’s something we want to stick with.”