Crytek interested in Natal

To say that Microsoft’s Project Natal is polarizing would be an understatement. On one side, there’s Epic, Valve and Bungie, scoffing at the idea of Microsoft’s attempt at penetrating the casual market. But on the other side, we’ve got a mystery UK developer recognizing the significance of Natal in Microsoft’s strategy. Now Crytek is joining the pro-Natal camp, showing interest for developing games for the motion-sensing technology.

Crytek UK’s managing director Karl Hilton told Develop-Online, “The Natal project sounds fascinating. It’s not something that Crytek is dealing with yet, but certainly something that we’ve all been interested in working with.” Hilton is quick to add that their interest in Natal isn’t going to lead to Crysis: Sports Resort or Crysis: The Mini-Game Collection. “The Wii has tapped into what is now a growing casual market. Those types of games are not something we’re going to be fixated on right now, because Crytek UK still has a desire to make AAA core action-adventure games, but we always are interested in new control inputs. I think people would appreciate the type of games Crytek is known for if there was more than button-pressing to them.”

I was kind of looking forward to Crysis: Sports Resort, though.