Haze development was hampered by PS3’s “technical issues”

You remember Haze right? The drugged up, often delayed PS3-exclusive shooter from Timesplitters dev Crytek UK (then known as Free Radical)? Then you probably remember the beating it got when it came to reviews too. It was considered a huge letdown from a developer so well versed in shooters. The poor sales ultimately placed them into administration at the end of last year until Crytek bought the company, transforming them into Crytek UK. Well a year and 3 months on from the game’s launch, managing director Karl Hilton offers a few thoughts as to why Haze didn’t live up to the team’s usual high standards.

According to Hilton, the game faced a lot of development issues, many of which he put down to technical issues, claiming “The PS3 is a powerful machine but a difficult one to get the best out of.” Hilton is far from the first person to say this, many developers have struggled with the PS3’s hardware which has led to multiplatform games that aren’t quite up to scratch with their 360 and PC companions.

“We spent more time trying to get the game running properly and less time to design the game properly,” he added. So does this mean the team is finished with the PS3? Far from it. Armed with CryEngine 3, the Crytek engine designed to run on PC and consoles, Hilton believes that they’re now “in the best position to get the most out of the hardware.”

Looks like its full steam ahead for Crytek UK now, so let us leave these memories of Haze where they belong, in the past. Time to look to a better future for a dev that’s had such a rough time over the last year.