Monolith shows how slow-mo deathmatch is made

Who loves ya, baby? While the answer to that question has a variety of correct answers, including our mothers, Santa Claus, and that bald headed lollipop eating detective, the one we are looking for here is Monolith Productions. After releasing F.E.A.R. 2 earlier this year, the developers have kept giving us goodness with some new maps and a little miniature soldier action. Now, the brains behind one of the scariest games we have played this year bring us something even scarier in the video above – SCIENCE!

Explaining the process of creating the DLC that’s due out September 3rd, the team at Monolith get all technical on us with whiteboards and dancing montages. What we can tell is coming, between the Razak style dancing and song singing, is slo-mo multiplayer, and rightfully so.

The chance to shoot our buddies in the face, plus the DLC is free. Who loves ya, indeed.