Section 8 has X Server, 32 player matches

One of the biggest issues plaguing first-person shooters and online multiplayer games on the Xbox 360 is the limited quantity of players allowed per game. Coming from a PC gaming background, I fondly remember the days of 32-person Counter-Strike matches, and a short few years later, 64 soldiers making chaos on a single Battlefield 1942 map. And that was 2002. Xbox Live’s two most played franchises, Halo and Call of Duty, can only muster a maximum player count of 16 and 18 respectively. This is not an argument that more is better, but having the choice of more players is always nice, right?

Enter Section 8 and its lovely X Server functionality. While matchmaking has run rampant on Xbox Live for a while now, picking users at random to act as hosts and basically choosing a game for you, developer TimeGate Studios is looking to change things up a bit. By downloading the X Server software to a Windows-based PC, virtually anybody can set up a dedicated server for running Section 8 matches online. Not only will this boost gameplay performance, but it also gets Xbox gamers back up to speed by allowing for 32-player matches, with slightly larger 40-person skirmishes for PC gamers. Southpeak Games itself will host official ranked servers around the world on both platforms, so even if nobody out there can afford to dedicate their computer to the cause, this publisher seems to have us covered.