Team Fortress Day 2 update reveals King of the Hill

In the Day 1 update, we were informed of new hats coming to Team Fortress 2, but now we know we get the opportunity to proudly wear those hats atop the peaks with the announced King of the Hill mode. Focused around a single capture point, teams have to take over a point and hold it for three minutes or otherwise the opposing will capture it, freezing your team’s clock at the point it was captured.

As always, a new gameplay mode is nothing without some maps to accompany the release, which brings us to the frosted lands of Viaduct. Set outside the entrance of an underground base, this will be the first map to sport the beauty that is snow. It doesn’t stop there as the Arena maps Nucleus and Sawmill have been converted and made available for play in the King of the Hill mode. Now the question is, will the snow in Viaduct turn to water as soon as a Pyro starts going crazy on it?