Battlefield Heroes gets lots of numbers (money included)

It seems that EA’s Battlefield Heroes is doing pretty well for itself. Opening a few months ago, the browser-based free to play shooter currently has over 1.5 million users worldwide, an increase of 500k from the million a month ago.

As to date, IGN reports the data collected show that the “Play Now” button has been clicked over 40 million times since the closed beta back in February. Other tidbits show a fairly segmented selection of class choice, with 40% of the user population choosing Commandos with their sneakiness, 37% as Soldiers with their all-rounder abilities, and Gunners and their…er, guns the other 23%. It’s fairly split in the factions as well, being a rough 50/50 in people choosing the Nationals or Royals factions. 75% of the user base come from the U.S., Germany, U.K., the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Russia, Canada, Poland, and Brazil.

And for the money, EA’s pay-for-extras model has gotten the average ‘buyer’ to purchase around $20 worth of stuff, like temporary upgrades or cosmetic changes. Multiply that times the 1.5 million user base, subtract the ‘non-buyers’, and what we get is a revenue several times higher than what I make in a year. With such a surprising revenue generation, Battlefield Heroes is definitely going to stick around for while.