Bayonetta scared of November just like everyone else

What could scare a demon-slaying witch who goes into battle wearing only the hair wrapped around her body? According to Sega West president Mike Hayes, she’s got a big fear of November. Sega recently announced that their third-person action game Bayonetta would be delayed until 2010 and Hayes told Kotaku the reason why, “Bayonetta’s coming out in Japan [this October] but we then need to translate it…. that is one issue. The bigger issue, is that in the western markets, unlike in Japan, bringing out new [intellectual property] in that November period, really, really, really is a challenge.”

Sega was originally going for a September release, but the translation would have pushed the game into the dreaded November territory. “If we could have launched it — the translation would have made it a challenge — it would have been late November or early December. And we just think that’s a point when consumers are spending all their dollars on Need For Speed, Modern Warfare…hopefully [Sega’s] Mario and Sonic.”

Bayonetta will be jumping from the frying pan of November into the fire that is Q1 2010, where she’ll have to fend for herself against the likes of BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2, Mafia II, Dark Void and a whole slew of other games. It’s a Catch-22 of a situation for games that are afraid of getting swallowed up by heavy-hitter Modern Warfare 2 and Bayonetta is another casualty of that fear.