Home brings back Presentation Podium for Gamescom, promises streaming footage

Today’s Playstation Home EU update sees the launch of a new MotorStorm space available for a limited time only. You can head on in there to chill out, listen to tracks from the game, and enjoy the cars on display. But that’s small potatoes compared to what else arrived today. The Presentation Podium is back in time for Gamescom, and it brings with it some exciting potential.

The space itself has been snazzed up a bit from E3’s bare bones huge screen, there’s now a game to play called SHAPE BLAST (yes, written in capitals for some exciting reason), and the 4 different face buttons float in the air around areas. However, its the last little snippet of information on the blog that makes the return of this space interesting, “keep an eye on the forums for some more information regarding the footage we’ll be streaming into the space… ;).”

Steaming footage? A suggestive wink? What could the folks at Home be showing us over the next few days? Could Sony’s anticipated conference be streamed right onto our TVs? We’ll have to wait a few more days to find out.