New dev vid from The Behemoth shows off “soul mode”

Last March, we found out some details about developer The Behemoth’s next project and a few of its mini-game modes. One of those modes was called “Soul mode,” which we could only manage quick glimpses of from the game’s announcement trailer. Until now, that is. The team behind Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid has posted a new development video for their third game, code named “Game 3,” which offers us a much more substantial viewing of “Soul mode.” The clip mentions that all mode names haven’t been finalized yet and will be released–along with the game’s official title, we presume–at a later date. But to be honest, we couldn’t care less what the modes are called, as long as they are fun to play and have The Behemoth’s trademark art style. The Behemoth plans to show off more of “Game 3” at this year’s already packed PAX, which we’ll be attending, as well as Tokyo Game Show 2009. Hopefully we’ll find a way to fit it into our busy schedules without collapsing from sheer exhaustion.