Ninjabee intending to ‘clone’ Cloning Clyde

In 2006, Ninjabee gave us Cloning Clyde, a solid and lovable Xbox Live Arcade side-scroller. While they have produced other games since then, such as A Kingdom for Keflings and Band of Bugs, Ninjabee is headed back towards their genetic hero.

Ninjabee’s Steve Taylor spoke on a podcast from Gathering of Gamers about what the developer has in store and according to the cast, the same team from Cloning Clyde, including designer and creative director John Nielson, are already working on a new title. “It’s more of a spiritual successor to Cloning Clyde,” Taylor said.

Taylor offered no specifics on the project, but said that an official announcement will be made “hopefully, within a month.” So we shouldn’t expect a hero that can splice himself with farm animals, but something equally entertaining is on its way.