No single-player demo for Uncharted 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the multimillion selling Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune probably won’t need a lot of help selling boatloads in October, so it’s to be expected that Naughty Dog won’t be releasing a single-player demo.

Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig and co-president Evan Wells told 1up in an interview that they don’t see many benefits in releasing one, “It’s always tough to do a single-player demo. You can always argue whether it benefits you or not in the long run, because so much of it depends on you understanding where you are in the narrative, and then appreciating what’s going on in the single-player demo.” Hennig refers back to the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo, which received a lukewarm response, “Some people loved it; some people thought, ‘eh.’ I read over and over people saying, ‘Oh yeah, I played the demo and I didn’t think much about it, but I bought the game and it’s the best game ever and I love it to pieces.’ And, well, how do you solve that? A 15 minute slice just doesn’t give you all that.”

Trying to condense a narrative-heavy experience like Uncharted into a 15 minute demo would cause more damage to the game’s reception than help it. But for gamers who are begging to see some half-tucked shirt action before the game’s release won’t be disappointed. Naughty Dog is planning to release a multiplayer demo in September. According to Evan Wells, “We have the multiplayer demo starting on September 15 as a two-week exclusive with GameStop initially. So that takes us to the end of September, and then the next two weeks leading up to our launch date — October 13 — it will be open to everybody.”