Demo Lost Planet 2 with your XBL friends next week

GamesCoM is coming on August 19th, and while many of us are hoping to get confirmation on some price drop rumors, one thing is for certain: a co-op demo for Lost Planet 2 will be available for download on Xbox Live that very same day. That is, if you have a Gold account. Silver XBLers will have to wait until the 26th to lay waste to alien scum with a buddy (or three).

If my memory serves me correctly, Capcom made a similar move with the demo for the original Lost Planet, beaming it down to living rooms across the land on the same day it hit E3 booths back in 2006. The key difference here would be the fun-tastic co-op mode that this sequel yields. The demo has gamers working as a team to take down a G-Type Salamander Akrid boss, which should prove to be just as massive as its nomenclature. This epic battle will show off a plethora of new weapons to blast away with and a few support weapons to boost your street cred as a good team player. Also highlighted is the all new Vital Suits, which are a lot like the mechs featured in the first game but with two additional seats, as well as a Dash maneuver, which allows the player to (you guessed it) dash. I can only hope this trial measures up to the awesomeness displayed in the trailers thus far.