Paß auf! Wolfenstein is coming with a trailer!

Activision, id Software and Raven’s Wolfenstein is less than a week away and if there’s anything to be sure of, it’s that there’s a launch trailer to point your eyes at.

The vid’s got everything anyone could hope for in this game: the legendary castle, a portal to a hell dimension, giant mutant monsters, demons and zombies, flamethrowers, jetpacks, the Hindenburg, and power-hungry generals of the Third Reich. And all of them are getting their asses kicked by a Steve McQueen doppelganger with a Sten gun. The trailer looks like it’s mostly the cutscenes with a dash of the actual gameplay, but it all looks intense. This should be one heck of a reboot for the classic series.

The castle officially re-opens on August 18th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. And with Quentin Tarantino’s new film coming out the following Friday, you should be able to get your fill of beating up on National Socialism.